In the nearby surroundings and Austria there are many wonderful golf courses that offer an unforgettable golf experience.

We have chosen the best courses for you:


Golf Club Hluboká nad Vltavou

The golf course in Hluboká nad Vltavou is located in a beautiful countryside in Southern Bohemia below the chateau in Hluboká; the golf course covers an area of 64 ha and consists of 18 + 9 holes and a large driving range. During the whole game you have castle view. The course is plane, park type. Very nice prepared fairways lined with strapping  trees. Water hazards are a challenge for beginners and low handicap golfers.

Golf Resort Monachus

Mnich Golf Course ranks nowadays amongst the most sought after golf courses in the Czech Republic. It hosts prestigious commercial events as well as professional tournaments on national and international level annually. The course perfectly chimes with the local countryside which seems to be built for playing golf. It was the surrounding nature which gave this place its unforgettable atmosphere.

Golf Klub Čertovo břemeno

18 holed course Devil's Burden is located in the middle of natural park Jistebnicka Highlands at an average altitude of 640 meters. The name Devil's burden was given by a nearby rock formation (old story). Scattered remnants of stone burdens  gives a characteristic appearance to the course. Nature had given this place an unforgettable atmosphere.

Golf Resort Písek

Between Písek and Strakonice a 18-hole golf course is situated in the village Kestřany. The amount of natural and artificial baits are a challenge for each player. The first nine holes were designed by a Japanese architect Shunsuke Kato. The second nine holes, opened in 2008, passed after the last two seasons a course redesign, to mare them more playable for recreational players. The entire complex is placed in the environment of forest and fields. On its surface extends several ponds and end with a superior clubhouse with complete facilities.

Golf Club Český Krumlov

The Česky Krumlov golf course has been built in 2 stages, 2004-2008. It offers a original south bohemian combination of more straight and waved greens, short but also long par 4 and few par 3. Two of them - Nr. 8 and Nr. 18 will not let you forget this course.

Golf Resort Bechyně

The oldest nine-hole course in South Bohemia can be found 6 km from the romantic town of Bechyně. The first South Golf Club was founded Bechyně in1994. The entire golf course is sensitively set in the National park Černická fields where fairways leads partly through the forest.

Golf Resort Haugschlag

"This is the place for golf!" It is not without a good reason that the two championship courses have already hosted the Austrian Open PGA European Tour several times, have been crowned "Golf course of the year" on several occasions and bear the honorable title of "Leading Golf Courses Austria". Perfect lanes nestled in the landscape are surrounded by natural ponds, small romantic woods and Waldviertel perched boulders. Nature. In its purest form. Two 18-hole championship courses, one 18-hole compact course with ideal conditions for beginners, 27 further holes you can easily access with the e-cart and, right in the middle, the Haugschlag golf resort. You have arrived. In golfing paradise.

Golf Resort Waidhofen

A links course. Everywhere present wind makes it difficult to play. But the fairways are wide roughs cutted low, so nothing prevents of playing a low score. The course record is held by Lukas Lízánek with a score of 65. Try to break it?

Golf Club Weitra

Located near the heart of the old brewery town Weitra you will find a place of harmony, full idyll away from mass tourism. Well-being, relaxed, playing a round of golf on one of the best maintained facilities in Lower Austria. And have a great locally brewed beer after.

Golf Club Ottenstein

Just something as one hour drive you will find one of the most beautiful and award-winning golf courses in Austria. Forests, meadows, streams and ponds are surrounded by lush forest idyll in southern Waldviertel. All this promises a great golf experience.


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