Třeboň area

Pond Rožmberk

Country ranch Hamr, not far from pond Rožmberk
  Pond Vítek, refreshments at the pergola


History of Třebon

Chronicle of this city began in the early 12th century, when one of the trade routes a small village was grounded.  Around 1300, it began to rise high walls and moats around the already small town. In 1366, the owners of Trebon  became brothers Rosenberg. They made the city blossomed unbelievably - the monastery was built, the fortifications and the moat were completed. With swampy area around Trebon became almost impregnable, and survived several attacks during the Hussite wars.
Another major expansion came in the 16 and in the early 17th century during the reign of the last two Rosenberg, brothers Vilém and Petr Vok and Jakub Krčín of Jelčany.
The Thirty Years War hit Trebon very hard, there were huge losses. In 1660  the Swarzenberg family became the new owners of Trebon.
Trebon was only slowly recovering from war wounds and lagged behind even in agriculture. In the middle of 19th century Trebon received a district town status. During the First World War the property was due to land reform properties of Swarzenberg family were confiscated and fell to the state. The Second World War also claimed its victims. After the war, extends the first major industry, especially large-scale agricultural and garment factory. In 1960 the city received a spa status.




Trip to Austria: Schrems

Visit the nature trails just outside the town of Schrems, climb the "stairs to heaven", 

get above the treetops in a very interesting swamp area with information boards in English, German and Czech.

We recommend to try the natural swimming pool.



Interesting excursion - Monastery Zwettl with guided tour at a functioning monastery, beautiful library with rare manuscripts and many other attractions.



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